In this week’s lecture, Cavatora explained the importance of nature in the Italian neo avant-garde literary movement. Previously, imagery and metaphor in Italian poetry had not focused on nature nearly as much as they did during the 1960s movement. Neo avant-garde writers often anthropomorphized nature in their work. In fact, Cavatora noted that nature is the main character in the very first example of Italian literature. Attitudes towards nature varied, though. Nature completely surrounds us, and humans find it both fascinating and frightening. Thus, nature is of great importance in this movement. Nature is so emphasized in order for the reader to rethink the natural world. Writers of the neo avant-garde movement attempted to get their readers to think about nature in a new way. The authors’ ideas were not so directly stated, but rather their works required real thought and analysis to understand what was going on. For example, Giorgio Celli’s poem “A Fragmented Wor(l)d” was written with the intent of confusing the reader. Even the literal formatting of the piece causes confusion. Yet, this was all done to stimulate the reader’s curiosity. Consequently, readers will engage with the poem, studying it to understand what Celli is actually saying in the piece.