Like many other poets, Giorgio Celli’s fragmented wor(l)d requires the reader to actively engage with the text! The poem makes us ask questions to ourselves but also about ourselves. After reading the poem, we are left confused: poetry in a way reflects this natural human confusion. We are also left curious wondering about the meaning of the poem? It is our responsibility to connect the dots and find meaning in the author’s words.

The overall tone of the poem is heavy loaded and depressing. Its main themes are decay, death, and destruction. While vegetation and nature are still present, the animal kingdom has been reduced to spiders and insects, and the human species has disappeared as a whole. The only thing left is a human skeleton in which roots grow and a free standing “I emerge” in the middle of the poem. The author, the reader, and human society disappeared and have been erased from the planet. The last human bones will soon turn to dust and be carried away by the wind. A fragmented wor(l)d throws us into a post apocalyptic scenery. Celli used many scientific terms. This relatively cold, objective, and fact-based language keeps the poetry in a way alive and revitalizes it. A new sound, a flow of consciousness has been created waiting to be heard by the reader.