I thought it was interesting to think that paintings and artwork can be a glimpse into past. They can reveal how people of that time thought of the world. While artistic style in general has evolved over the decades, there is no denying that they way in which certain things are portrayed, or even what is portrayed in artwork can give us insight into what was seen as important in the past. For example, there were several paintings shown that portrayed holy figures and holy scenes in a very domestic way. We can interpret from those paintings that religion and religious teachings in the household were very important. We could also interpret that the home and family was important during that time because the artist chose to frame the religion in such a way. However, it is important to note that artwork is just a still moment in time that has been created by the artist. It is influenced by the time period, but it is also influenced by the artist themselves. So while a painting can serve as a window into the past time period, we also have to remember that it is a static biased point of view.