Our planet has gone through some very drastic changes since the start of the Anthropocene, Earth’s most recent epoch.  Temperatures have risen, a hole in the ozone layer has grown, and many types of animals and vegetation have become extinct. Global charts show that this is not the natural rate of progression and that this progress has reached an alarming rate of acceleration. Those same charts also draw a connection between humans and this rapid progression. From the very beginning of the human era, homo sapiens have had a direct effect on the Earth and whether we admit it or not, it is our responsibility to try to reverse those effects or, at the very least, try to minimalize future ones.

It is very easy to think there is nothing you, as an individual, can do to really make an impact, but that is not true. In reality, every little thing counts. You could bike to town instead of drive, recycle more, start composting, or even just turn off the lights and AC when they’re not needed. These are all very easy things to accomplish and everyone can do them, yet many do not because they don’t understand just how serious a problem we have created. Humans create changes in the environment around them, in both negative and positive ways. In my opinion, raising awareness of how much individuals can impact our environment should become a priority.