Sometimes, when I start thinking about climate change, I start thinking a lot about fate.  Last night was no exception.  I know that humans are producing more carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels, and I know that global temperature averages are increasing, and we are expecting to see a rise in sea level as well.  It is of no doubt to me that humans are changing the world we live in.  However, I wonder if our awareness is just an anthropocentric ownership of a natural phenomenon.  The earth’s temperatures have changed many times over earth history, going in and out of ice ages, and growing and shrinking biodiversity events.  I wonder if humans are part of this biodiversity, and that we are fated as a species to destroy our habitat and therefore our species.  Or, are we fated as an intelligent species to realize the changes we make to our habitat and try to reverse them?  Is the fact that we see climate change as our responsibility incredibly anthropocentric?  I wonder if we will be able to effectively change our impact on the planet, or if all of our anthropocentric efforts will be futile.