Dear Friends,

I wanted to let everyone know about a community-wide virtual gathering for the recitation of Tehillim today at 6pm. The session, which is being organized by Rabbi Landa, will last about 15-20 minutes and will include recitation of psalms, led by Rabbi Shulman. I encourage everyone to join in this so that we can lend the strength of our prayers to those of the community. Please also have handy some coins or bills to donate to place in your personal tzedakah pushkie during the call. [Zoom link removed]

I also want remind you that Bais Abe hosts a daily Zoom call for the recitation of Tehillim, as well as study of Mishnah and Halakha at 7:30am weekdays and 9am Sundays. I think we all individually can use the comfort and encouragement that can be found in joining together for daily learning and prayer, and certainly the world needs our prayers now more than ever. [Zoom link removed]

Finally, I also encourage everyone to join Bais Abe’s weekly pre-Shabbos call, which includes a chance to sing and pray together, hear some Torah, and just check in with one another. [Zoom link removed]

May Hashem heed our prayers, and may we all be blessed with health, safety and well-being.

Rabbi Garth Silberstein

[March 26]