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Index of Categories

Businesses: Guidance for business owners and consumers.

Church-State Relations: First Amendment issues and matters related to the separation of church and state.

Clergy: Guidance to help religious professionals navigate their own professional activities.

Communion: Guidance related to the Christian ritual also known as Eucharist.

Education: Guidance for schooling and adult learning, both in person and online. See also Houses of Worship and Reopening.

Electronic Communication: Guidance about the permissible use of electronic devices.

Food: Guidance related to religious food norms (e.g., kosher food), food shortages, and food vendors.

Fundraising: Raising money for the operation of religious organizations. For charity, see Support for community members.

Funerals and Mourning: Guidance regarding burial rituals and the mourning rituals that follow.

Healthcare Ethics: Guidance for the ethical provision of medical treatment and the proper balance between personal privacy and public health.

Holidays: Adaptations to customary forms of celebration. For specific holidays, use one of the following sub-categories:

Houses of Worship: Guidance for managing buildings and associated physical spaces. See also Education and this sub-category:

Information: Guidance on how to evaluate coronavirus-related information 

Grandparents: Guidance on relations between grandparents and grandchildren

Lifecycle Celebrations: Guidance related to baptism, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, etc. Excludes funerals and mourning.

Meditation: Guidance for coronavirus-specific meditation and mindfulness.

Mental Health: Guidance related to loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress.

Missionary Activity: Guidance related to efforts to spread one’s faith during the pandemic.

Music: Includes guidance related to singing in community and the use of music in online settings.

Pilgrimage: Guidance related to religious travel, primarily the Islamic Hajj.

Prayer: Guidance for how to pray during the pandemic. Many entries fall into one of the following sub-categories:

Public Health: Guidance documents that focus heavily on reinforcing recommendations from public health authorities. Many entries fall into one or more of the following sub-categories:

Ritual Purification: Guidance regarding the performance of rituals that establish or restore a religious state of purity.

Suffering: Guidance, often Buddhist, related to the emotional and physical pain associated with the pandemic. See also Mental Health.

Support for Community Members: Guidance related to charity, support groups, practical assistance, etc. 

Vaccination: Guidance regarding the permissibility (or obligation) to receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

Youth: Guidance pertaining to children and teenagers, including material written by and for youth. See also Education.