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Rabbi Elliot Dorff: Mourning before burial

In Los Angeles and in other areas where the COVID-19 virus and the death toll from the virus have surged in recent weeks, not only hospitals and vaccination sites, but also mortuaries and funeral homes have been overwhelmed. In Los Angeles as of this date (January 19, 2021), somebody who dies today cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery for at least two weeks. This… Read the rest

Quakers in Britain: Funerals, memorial meetings, and dying

Government legislation permits the holding of funerals in places of worship if certain strict measures can be put in place. PLEASE read the guidance below to be clear on what this requires.

Could this be the path to a new sense of unity, the community of those who had known pain, and thence had found depth, so that creeds and traditions became but signposts to an acceptance of sadness and an entry into a depth where we found harmony with each other?Read the rest

Michigan Board of Rabbis: Funeral Policy (Updated)

There are two basic principles by which Jewish death and mourning rites are governed: k’vod ha-met, “the dignified or respectful treatment of the dead,” and k’vod he-chai, “the honored treatment of the living (the surviving relatives).”

In light of the current health situation and the desire to honor the deceased and to comfort their surviving relatives, the Michigan Board of Rabbis is updating its funeral procedures as follows:

Rabbis will officiate at graveside-only funerals with up to 36 mourners present.Read the rest

CCAR/URJ Guidelines on Values-Based Decision-Making: Returning to In-Person Gatherings during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Across North America and around the world, communities are considering how and when they should emerge from shelter-in-place practices and safely return to in-person activities.

On March 31, 2020, several Reform Movement organizations[1] issued a statement Recommendations on Covid-19 declaring that, with the exception of strictly monitored funerals, Reform Jewish communities “should not facilitate or endorse any physical gathering of persons who do not already live in the same house.”… Read the rest

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