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CJLS: Conversion in a Time of COVID-19

Please find information below from Rabbi Elliot Dorff, CJLS chair, Rabbi Pamela Barmash, CJLS co-chair, Rabbi Joshua Heller, chair of the Rites and Rituals Subcommittee, and Rabbi Lionel Moses, chair of the Joint Beit Din of the Conservative Movement, providing guidance for individuals and communities affected by Coronavirus.… Read the rest

Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia: Updated Guidelines for Funerals during the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

Dear Chevra,

We hope that this update finds you well – healthy, and taking care of yourselves, your families, and your communities and institutions. These challenging times have certainly reminded us how critical our work is as rabbis.

Since we initially distributed funeral guidelines in late March, medical experts and public-health officials have learned much, and societal norms in combating COVID-19 have evolved.

Read the rest

Orthodox Union: COVID-19 and the Mikvah

We are writing with the guidance of our Poskim, Harav Hershel Schachter שליט״א, Harav Asher Weiss שליט״א, and Harav Modechai Willig שליט״א, concerning the issue of Mikvah use during the current pandemic.

While the unfailing dedication of Jewish women to this practice is profoundly inspiring, we must address its safety with the utmost seriousness, both for the sake of public health, and to allay fears.… Read the rest

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