Day: March 23, 2020

Andrew Davis: Redeeming the Time During COVID-19

Originally published by Two Journeys Ministry

When the Apostle Paul was arrested and put in chains for months and even years, his remarkably energetic life as a trailblazing frontier churchplanter among the Gentiles came to a screeching halt. However, Paul redeemed the time by writing many of his epistles from prison, including the magnificent Book of Philippians.… Read the rest

Colby Martin, Sojourn Grace Collective: Conservative churches need to get the social distancing memo

COVID-19 has been emptying the pews at a majority of churches in the past few weeks as congregations follow local government recommendations to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some churches are choosing not to cancel in-person worship services, and it’s hard not to notice a correlation between “those that stayed open” and “theologically conservative.”… Read the rest