Day: March 19, 2020

Open letter and psak halachah

An Open Letter from Dr. Daniel Berman and Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt

The Corona Virus causes Covid-19, a very dangerous and contagious infection, far more dangerous and contagious than the flu (influenza). Not only individuals with pre-existing conditions are vulnerable. Anyone over age fifty, although robust and healthy, is vulnerable to potentially life-threatening complications.… Read the rest

Rav Herschel Schachter: Removing a Coronavirus Patient from a Respirator

[text of an email sent by the Rabbinical Council of America to its members on March 19, 2020]

I received a call today from the chair of a hospital Ethics Committee asking our position on a situation for which the hospital unfortunately feels a need to prepare: Would we permit the removal of a respirator from an end-of-life Coronavirus patient to be used by another patient whose life, in the opinion of the medical staff, could be saved?… Read the rest