Day: March 26, 2020

Unitarian Universalist Association: Practicing Community Care in our Congregations

Dear Congregation Leaders,

I am so grateful for your ministry. Each day brings more difficult news of the impacts of coronavirus on our communities, our health systems, our economy, and our congregations. I am heartbroken to share with you that a few Unitarian Universalists have died from COVID-19 and a number of congregations are experiencing multiple cases of the virus among their members.… Read the rest

Jay Garfield, Impermanence, interdependence and Buddhist reflections on Covid-19

I’m okay, if I don’t look a little closer
I’m okay if I don’t see beyond the shore

The Indigo Girls, Perfect World

Buddhist philosophy tells us nothing about virology, public health, or how to treat respiratory illness. But it may have something to teach us about what we can learn from a pandemic, how we might best contribute to the lives of others in the context of a pandemic, and how we might develop in insight and moral sensitivity by reflecting on the pandemic and on our place in the world in which it unfolds.… Read the rest

Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association: Statement on Communal Gatherings

At this time of global pandemic and the urgent need to stop the spread of Coronavirus, we Jews find ourselves caught between a number of dearly held values.  We have the desire and significant precedent of coming together in times of crisis, especially to celebrate holidays and observe family milestones, and we also understand the need to separate and physically distance ourselves from one another for the sake of the health and wellbeing of all of us.… Read the rest

Bishop Stanovsky: Can we meet outdoors on Easter?


Bishop, I heard Governor Cuomo’s address this morning and one of the things he noted is that the blanket action to close everything needs to be made with the added information they have gained. He said now strategic decision making needs to be brought to bear so that portions of the population that need to stay home should and others could be allowed to go to work and start the economy slowly and thoughtfully.… Read the rest