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CJLS: Streaming Seder

Please find below a letter from Rabbi Joshua Heller, chair of the CJLS rites and ritual subcommittee providing guidance for communities affected by COVID-19. Thanks to Rabbis Aaron Alexander, Pamela Barmash and Ashira Konigsburg for contributions. Please note that this is not an official responsum of the CJLS. Read the rest

Rav Hershel Schachter: Passover guidance regarding electronic devices and visits

If the government or a physician has decided that an individual must remain in isolation over the course of Yom Tov and this individual has a psychological condition where physicians who know this patient have determined that there is a possibility that this person being alone over the course of Yom Tov would be in a situation of pikuach nefesh (possible suicide) if the individual was not able to communicate or speak with family members, then the family members must reach out to this person over Yom Tov to speak on the phone or use the internet by leaving a connection open from before Yom Tov.… Read the rest

Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council: Funeral Guidelines for the COVID-19 Crisis

25 March 2020 (Subject to Change)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following the guidance of public health officials and government orders, the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council has established the following guidelines for Jewish funerals in Colorado. 

As rabbis, we believe that Jewish rituals and customs offer mourners valuable tools for confronting loss and grief and we encourage our members to counsel those they serve using these practices, as best as they can be carried out under the circumstances.Read the rest

National Association of Chevra Kadisha: COVID-19 Guidelines for Chevros Kadisha

The following are guidelines and precautions necessary to protect  chevra kadisha  members from possible transmission of COVID-19 as they perform a  taharah.
These guidelines were updated on March 25, 2020. 
In light of the growing COVID-19 health crisis, and in response to questions from many chevros kadisha , NASCK is suggesting the following set of protocols be followed.
Read the rest
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