The following material is an extract from a message posted to the Utah Diné Bikeyah (Navajo) mailing list, circulated prior to March 17.

  • Prayer:  “The earth probably needs us talking to it right now,” says Jonah Yellowman (Diné), UDB’s Spiritual Advisor.
  • Cedar/juniper incense as disinfectant. This time-tested traditional remedy is recommended by Jonah Yellowman, UDB Spiritual Advisor. Scientific studies are beginning to lend their support to this cultural wisdom as well.
  • Lung strengthening breathing exercise.
  • Get outside. Sunshine is a disinfectant and nature has calming properties. Put your moccasins on, or kick your shoes off and connect to the earth. Did you know that Diné Bikéyah translates as, “the human relationship between the sole of your foot and the earth?”
  • Check in with those around you. Lend each other support. Teach the children what they need to know. Report any needs and concerns to local Facebook chat pages, and to UDB. We will do what we can to help.