Our Beloved Friends,

We’ve written many emails in the last two decades, but none like this. What should our tone be?? Somber, Calming, Ominous…none of the above?

We’ve chosen the Yiddish saying that’s been around awhile: Tracht gut v’zein gut. Think good and it will be good. That doesn’t mean (wo)man doesn’t have to do his part–we do. But the thinking good will lead to a better mindset. 

That being said we have made the hard choice to close (in physicality) the doors to our Chabad House for now. But NEVER in spirituality! We will continue to spread the light and warmth of Judaism just in a less physical way.

Practically we are doing the following:

1) Rabbi Shlomo will be teaching a class online THIS AFTERNOON at 6pm it will be on ZOOM. Thank you to student Alex Fishman and family for sponsoring this class! You can use a desktop or laptop and listen OR you can download the app on your smartphone and use that. This class will potentially run everyday–stay tuned!

2) Any elderly or homebound or at risk Jewish people in the city that needs food, grocery or medicine deliveries please let us know. Our teenage children will be making doorstep deliveries.

3) Online counseling–we will make time for anyone that needs us! Just let us know by email or text and we will have an ear for you!

4) Collecting your gently used clothing and shoes for resale–anyone that has spare time and cleans out their closet please let us know and we will pick it up! Our online store is now an important stream of income for us now that Airbnb has gone silent. The brands : Madewell, Lululemon, Free people,  Athleta, mall brands, Jcrew etc all do well but we will try to sell anything that is clean and has no holes.

The Jewish people have been CHOSEN to be a LIGHT UNTO NATIONS. We have been training for this moment for all of our existence. No other people knows how it feels for your existence to be constantly threatened…. Your soul has it within to be strong for those around you. We have the ability to add warmth and light to the world even in seemingly dark times.

Set a good example. Follow the guidelines set out for us.

+Students WE KNOW how hard this is for you! You’re in a time of life where you want to be IN the world, conquer it, and be social. That time WILL come!

+FAMILIES with young children–We KNOW hard hard this is for YOU! Having young children cooped up inside is not easy. We see you and are with you in spirit. Reach out to us for a listening ear.

+PRECIOUS SENIOR CITIZENS–We love you, we want you to be safe!  You are so cherished by the Jewish people. Please reach out to us if you or a loved one is in another city and needs to connect with Chabad to get deliveries.


May we all know good health and blessings.

Our deepest love,

Channa & Rabbi Shlomo


[March 15]