McNair to Hall: September 9, 1980


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September 9, 1980

Dear Don,

Your recent letter about submissions of my poems reminds me
that the cycle of submission starts in the fall – and that Joey
has only a few things of mine to send. Therefore, in spite
of my earlier thought about holding onto poems, I have decided
to send you the enclosed. If you think it is ready, please
give it to Joey. It is not a “biggie,” but it may be
worth something to him.

Incidentally, I just saw an ad for the Dorrance
publishing company. Is this a legitimate house, or
is it, as I suspect, a vanity press?

Found the “one question” you got from Cowley’s book
most instructive – and enjoyed the rest of your review
in the Times.



Editorial note about this letter: The poem enclosed is “The People Upstairs,” the text of which appears in the next letter.