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Lovers of the Lost Poems

The titles below are arranged next to their original work.

Many of the selections are called Teaching Clusters (indicated by the letters (TC) after the title).

Teaching clusters contain images with transcripts, published versions, and audio recordings of McNair reading the poem aloud.

The remaining selections are called Listening Clusters and have audio recordings only.

Small Towns Are Passing
Mina Bell’s Cows (TC)
The Bald Spot (TC)
Hair on Television (TC)
The Thugs of Old Comics
The Faces of Americans in 1853
Where I Live (TC)

The Faces of Americans in 1853
(University of Missouri Press, 1983)
The Last Time Shorty Towers Fetched the Cows (TC)
Mute (TC)
Killing the Animals
The Man With the Radios
The Faith Healer
The Before People (TC)
A Traveler’s Advisory (TC)
What It Is (TC)
Hearing That My Father Died in a Supermarket (pending)
After My Stepfather’s Death (TC)
The Abandonment (TC)
When Paul Flew Away
The Town of No
(David R Godine, 1989)
Young Man Going Uphill With a Bird (TC)
The Secret (TC)
The Life
Seeing Mercer, Maine
Making Things Clean (TC)
The One Who Will Save You (TC)
Reading Poems at the Grange Meeting
in What Must Be Heaven
My Brother Running: Poems
(David R Godine, 1993)
This Love Song
Old Guys (TC)
Old Cadillacs
The Puppy
Trying to Find Her Teeth
The Book of A (TC)
Waving Goodbye (TC)
Glass Night (TC)
The Characters of Dirty Jokes
Poem for My Feet (TC)
The Retarded Children Play Baseball (TC)
Why We Need Poetry (TC)
Love Handles
 Talking in the Dark: Poems
(David R Godine, 1998)
How I Became a Poet (TC)
The Good-Boy Suit
Shovels (TC)
The One I Think of Now
Voiceless (TC)
An Executive’s Afterlife
Smoking (TC)
History of Talking on the Phone
What Became
The Rules of the New Car (TC)
Goodbye to the Old Life
Charles by Accident (TC)
Driving North in Winter (TC)

Fire: Poems
(David R Godine, 2002)

My Father Going Away
The Boy Carrying the Flag
Kuhre’s Farm
It (TC)
Hymn to the Comb-Over (TC)
The Gangsters of Old Movies (pending)
The 1950s (TC)
The Last Black and White TV (TC)
If You Had Come (TC)
As Long As We Remember Him He Will Never Die
Mistakes About Heaven
My Mother Enters Heaven
The Man He Turned Into
That Nothing
As I Am (TC)
My Town (TC)
Love Poem (TC)

The Ghosts of You & Me: Poems
(David R Godine, 2006)

For My Wife
November 22, 1963 (TC)
What She Means
Losing My Hair (TC)
Shame (TC)
Morning in America
The Lover
Her Secret (pending)
First Snowfall (TC)
Love Story (TC)
 Lovers of the Lost: New & Selected Poems
(David R Godine, 2009)

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