The Retarded Children Play Baseball

Listen to Wes McNair Reading the Poem

The Retarded Children Play Baseball Initial Exploration
Never mind the coaches who try
to teach them the game,
and think of the pleasureof the large-faced boy
on second who raises hand and glove
straight up making the precise

shape of the ball, even though
the ball’s now over
the outfield. And think of the left

and right fielders going deeper
just to watch its roundness
materialize out of the sky

and drop at their feet. Both teams
are so in love with this moment
when the bat makes the ball jump

or fly that when it happens
everybody shouts, and the girl
with slanted eyes on first base

leaps off to let the batter by.
Forget the coaches shouting back
about the way the game is played

and consider the game
they’re already playing, or playing
perhaps elsewhere on some other field,

like the shortstop, who stands transfixed
all through the action, starting
at what appears to be nothing.

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