McNair to Hall: September 9, 1980


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Sept 9, 1980

Dear Don,

I seem never to run out of
afterthoughts. This time, I only
want to change an article
(“the” to “a”) in poem 3
of “The People Upstairs.” Oh, well-
at least this will arrive with
the other stuff. The enclosed becomes
the final version of 3.


A note from McNair about this letter: Below is the text of the poem “The People Upstairs” as I sent it in this letter. The poem is a response to the footfall of tenants in our North Sutton farmhouse as they ascended the stairway to their upstairs apartment, and lived their lives above our heads.

The People Upstairs

each night
we hear them

ascending the stairs

deeper and deeper
into the floor

falling while rising
away from themselves

their weightless voices
drifting out

of earshot far
into the next world

o feet
forgotten servants

left out
of the conversation
of mind and hands
we hear you

under the desk
we understand

your great patience
and your

mystery moving
beyond the cloud
of ceiling carrying

the body dream


above our heads
the faint scream

of pipes dissolves
the corners of rooms

and feet walk past us
in space

free of the tables
lamps and chairs

which hold us here
dying of definition