Hall to McNair: March 12, 1984

Letter from Poetry magazine to Hall, March 12, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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12 March 1984

Dear Mr. Amaryllis,

Thanks very much for sending along the Wesley
McNair poems. I’ve read the entire group with
the greatest interest, and would like to keep

Remembering Aprons
The Faith Healer
and The Portuguese Dictionary


We will, of course, be sending proofs on the
poems shortly before publication, but could
you have the author fill out the enclosed form
now, to update our files?

We do appreciate your thoughtfulness in
giving us a look at this good work, and we
look forward to presenting W. McN. again in

Joseph Parisi
Joseph Parisi
Acting Editor

Wesley McNair
c/o Amaryllis, Inc.
Box 71
Potter Place, NH 03265