Hall to McNair: March 12, 1984

Letter from Poetry magazine to Hall, March 12, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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12 March 1984


The Editors of Poetry are pleased to accept the
following for publication:


Wesley McNair
c/o Amaryllis, Inc.
Box 71
Potter Place NH 03265

A charge will be made for any revisions in text (including marks of punctuation). The cost of
such revisions will be deducted from contributor’s payment.

Payment is made on publication at the rate of 50¢ a line for verse, $10.00 a page for
prose. ▪ We regret that we cannot answer inquires about date of publication. ▪ It is
the rule of Poetry not to print anything that has been published or accepted for publication
before, in the U.S. or abroad; the editors should be notified at once when published work
has been inadvertently submitted and accepted.

Poetry holds the copyright to all material it publishes; and when the occasion arises, e.g., for
the reprinting of certain material in book form, and a formal request is made, Poetry will re-
lease the copyright, without charge, in the author’s name. In any reprinting, the author and
publisher must acknowledge the first publication of this material in Poetry and the original
copyright (and year thereof) in the name of the Modern Poetry Association, setting out all
poems, articles, and reviews by their individual titles. A general acknowledgement, without
identification of individual titles, is not sufficient.

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