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Solids and Liquids – Making the Oceanographer Happy

Reading chapters 11 and 13

Intermolecular Forces:
London, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding, ion-dipole
Comparison of forces
Properties of  Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Phase changes
Heating curves

Resources:   hydrogen boding in biological structures,  Chapter 11 Images 2018, Chapter 11 Notes, Chapter 13 Slides 2018, Chapter 13 notes




Third Exam and Review Session

Reminder: Exam 3 is Wednesday, Nov. 28.  Exam Locations: Keyes 105, 102, 103, and 114.

Practice exams and their solutions can be found on the Sample Exam page.  The relevant files are Practice Exam 3, Exam 3 (with answers) from 2016, and Practice Exam 3 2017.  You are strongly encouraged to do these practice exams before Monday 11/26.  

Exam information: Exam 3 will be held on Wed, Nov. 28 from 5:00-7:00 pm. You may work for the entire 2 hours, but the exam is expected to take most students 60 min. The exam will cover the class material from chapters 1-10 and laboratory material from up to and including experiment 9.  Chapters 6-9 will be emphasized (Electronic Structure of Atoms through Molecular Geometries and Bonding Theories).   Allowed exam items are pens/pencils and a course-approved calculator. You will be provided with a periodic table and equation sheet.

There will be an optional review session on Monday, 11/26 in Keyes 105 at 7 PM.

Equation Sheet Exam 3

Week XI – Advanced Bonding – King

Reading:  Chapter 9

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Molecular Shapes and VSEPR
Bond Strength and Energies
Valence Bond Theory
Molecular Orbitals  – Wave Example ISimple Wave II

Resources:  Chapter 9 Slides, Chapter 9 Notes 2018Chemical Education Molecule Viewer

Why we care about the shapes of Molecules –

Week X – Bonding – King

Reading:  Chapter 8

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Ionic Bonding
Lattice Energies
Covalent Bonding
Lewis Structures
Bond Polarity and Electronegativity

Resources:  Chapter 8 notes 2018,  Chapter 8 slides

Viewing Molecules:   Simple – ethanol, Complex – carbonic anhydrase


Week IX Periodic Trends – King

Reading:  Chapter 7

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Periodic Table
Effective Nuclear Charge
Atom and Ion Size
Ionization Energy
Electron Affinity

Resources:   Web Elements , Chapter 7 Notes 2018, Chapter 7 Slides

Week VIII – Atoms (King)

Reading:  Chapter 6


Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

 Lecture Outline:

Energy is Quantized
Line Spectra and the Bohr Model
Wave nature of matter
Atomic Orbitals
Orbital Shapes
Electronic Configurations

 Resources:   Chapter 6 ImagesBohrSchrodinger,
King Chapter 6 Notes- ABohr Calcs, Uncertianty,  King Chapter 6 Notes- B


Week VI – Gases

Reading:  Chapter 10

Lecture Outline:
Using Gas Laws
Partial Pressures
Kinetic Molecular Theory
Effusion and Diffusion
Real Gases
Resources:  CO2 in the atmospherechapter 10 imagesGas Demo 1 (V vs P) 2016, Gas Simulation, King Chapter 10 Notes 2018,

Gas Properties

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Week V. 10/1/18 – Themochemistry

Reading:  Chapter 5

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

System and Surroundings
State Functions
PV Work
First Law
Heats of Reaction

Notes:doc00335320181008073818, doc00334820181005071319,  doc00332020181001072109,,  Sodium Drop

Resources:  Colby Biomass,  Chapter 5 I slidesHeat Capacitiesheats of formation, Per capita CO2 production



Week IV 9/24/2018. Reactions in Aqueous Solution

Please see the general post with Exam details.

Reading:  Chapter 4 and chapter 20.2 (balancing REDOX reactions)

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

Properties of Aqueous Solutions
Precipitation Reactions
Acid/Base Reactions
Redox Reactions
Activity Series
Working with solution concentration
Solution Stoichiometry

Resources: Sucroseelectrolytes-I-2018  redox figures 2013,   doc00330820180928074005

Week III. 9/17/2018. Stoichiometry

Reading:  Chapter 3.

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

Balancing Chemical Equations
Formula and Molecular Weights
The Mole and Molar Mass
Molecular and Empirical Formulas
Using Balanced Equations and Limiting Reagents


For nomenclature help enter the chemical formula or name into your browser search field., air bag demo,