Third Exam and Review Session

Reminder: Exam 3 is Wednesday, Nov. 28.  Exam Locations: Keyes 105, 102, 103, and 114.

Practice exams and their solutions can be found on the Sample Exam page.  The relevant files are Practice Exam 3, Exam 3 (with answers) from 2016, and Practice Exam 3 2017.  You are strongly encouraged to do these practice exams before Monday 11/26.  

Exam information: Exam 3 will be held on Wed, Nov. 28 from 5:00-7:00 pm. You may work for the entire 2 hours, but the exam is expected to take most students 60 min. The exam will cover the class material from chapters 1-10 and laboratory material from up to and including experiment 9.  Chapters 6-9 will be emphasized (Electronic Structure of Atoms through Molecular Geometries and Bonding Theories).   Allowed exam items are pens/pencils and a course-approved calculator. You will be provided with a periodic table and equation sheet.

There will be an optional review session on Monday, 11/26 in Keyes 105 at 7 PM.

Equation Sheet Exam 3