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Date Title
9/10 CH141Lab1_2018E1_2018-Prelab,  Exp1-2018 Report Form
9/17 CH141Lab2_2018CH141Lab2_2018 PRELab,  CH141Lab2_2018 Report Form

(see the flame test YouTube video above for a color reference)

9/24  CH141-L3-Prelab,  CH141-L3-2018,  CH141-L3-Report Form

Link to shared Google Sheets for class data analysis:

See video above on plotting two trendiness on data with different slopes.

10/1 Lab4-CH141-PrelabLab4-CH141-2018 , Exp4 Report Form , Supplemental Report Sheet

Link to shared Google Sheets for class data analysis:

10/8 L5-CH141-2018, L5-CH141-Prelab , L5-CH141-Report Form-2018
10/15 Fall Break Week
10/22 CH141-Lab6-thermo-2018, CH141-Lab6-2018-Prelab, CH141-Lab6-2018 Report Form
10/29 L7-CH141-2018-Prelab, L7-CH141-2018,  L7-CH141-2018-Report Form
11/5 Prelab:L8-CH141-2018-Prelab

Lab Handout: CH141Lab8-2018

lab Worksheet: CH141F2018Lab8WorkSheet

Ball and Stick Modeling: Ball and Stick Modeling

Using Spartan: SpartanInstructions

11/12 Lab Handout: Experiment9-Fall 2018

Prelab: E9-Prelab-2018, 

Report:Exp9 Report Form-2018

Spartan II: SpartanInstructions_surfaces

11/19 Thanksgiving Week

… an F orbital Turkey…

11/26 LabHandout:  CH141-Exp10-DPDChlorine-2018

PreLab:  CH141-Exp10-DPD0Chlorine-2018Prelab

Please view the Colby Spec video above for instructions on using the spectrophotometer.

12/3 Lab Check Out.