Week 14 Schedule: Section B

In our last week of classes we will be building on our understanding of intermolecular forces to investigate why solutions have the properties that they do.  Why are some solids insoluble while others readily dissolve? Why do cold beverages stay carbonated better than warm ones?  How can we use properties of solutions to make frozen ice cream?

Homework #12 is due on Wednesday.  Additional practice problems will be posted on Mastering Chemistry to give you a chance to practice the material covered in chapter 13.

Monday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 12-3Class notes 12-3

Wednesday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 12-5class notes 12-5

Friday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 12-7class notes 12-7, Answer to the Challenge Problem from 12-7

Additional Resources: The downside to salting our roads

Week 14 Sat 12/2, Sun 12/3 Mon 12/3 Tue 12/4 Wed 12/5 Thu 12/6 Fri 12/7
In Class Chapter 13 Chapter 13 Chapter 13 and Chapter 12
Learning Objectives Relate intermolecular forces to properties of solutions Do calculations related to colligative properties. Describe structures of solids and relate their structures to the properties
Topic Properties of Solutions Properties of Solutions Applications and Modern Materials
Outside of Class
Homework Work on HW #12 Finish HW#12 Homework #12 is due at 11:59pm
Reading 1st Read of Chapter 13 2nd Read of Chapter 13
Other Things to Remember Office Hours 2:30-4:00 Office Hours 1:00-2:30
Practice Problems 13.2, 13.7, 13.15, 13.17, 13.29, 13.27 13.39, 13.51, 13.61, 13.63, 13.69, 13.75 13.85