“Week” 12: Section B

On Monday we will look at more challenging and integrative practice problems from chapter 9.  These practice problems will help you prepare for exam #3 which will take place on Wednesday, Nov 28th at 5pm.

Be sure to look at the practice exams posted under “Sample Exams and Exam Solutions” over the next week.  I also recommend that you do the practice problems posted on this blog as well as those posted on Mastering Chemistry.

I hope you have a fantastic and restful Thanksgiving!

Monday Lecture Material: Lecture Slides 11-19Class notes and solutions to Integrative Examples 11-19

Week 12 Sat 11/17 Mon 11/19 Tue 11/20 Wed 11/21 Thu 11/22 Fri 11/23
In Class Chapter 9 No Class No Class
Learning Objectives Compare and contrast the 4 bonding theories. Apply the 4 bonding theories to challenging molecules.
Topic Bonding Theories
Outside of Class
Homework Work on HW #11 Work on HW #11 Finish HW #11 Homework #11 is due at 11:59pm
Reading Read chapter 9 First read of Chapter 11
Tasks Eat & Relax Attempt Practice Exam #3
Practice Problems 9.85, 9.89, 9.91, 9.97, 9.99