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Week III. 9/17/2018. Stoichiometry

Reading:  Chapter 3.

Homework:  Please see Mastering Chemistry

Lecture Outline:

Balancing Chemical Equations
Formula and Molecular Weights
The Mole and Molar Mass
Molecular and Empirical Formulas
Using Balanced Equations and Limiting Reagents


For nomenclature help enter the chemical formula or name into your browser search field., air bag demo,

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Reference: Chemical & Engineering News, SEPTEMBER 3, 2018 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 96, ISSUE 35

Resources:  This video was also posted by the American Chemical Society…


Week II: 9/10/2018

News:  Laboratory starts this week.   Please use the laboratory link to read prelab materials.

Reading: Chapter II

Lecture Outline for Chapter II:

Atomic Theory
Atomic Structure
Atomic Weights
The Periodic Table
Molecules and Ions

King Lecture Resources: Chapter II Figures,  Atomic Force Microscopy,  big-bangNomenclature


Eric Roy – A Colby Environmental Rockstar!

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CH141 General Resources

Mastering Chemistry Homework Website.  (CH1412018)

Instructions  Get Started withMastering Chemistry 2018

Mastering Chemistry Support Page.

Molecule Viewer

Innovation requires the application of chemical basics to produce new technologies:  Corning Gorilla Glass, Tesla Powerwall.   We are interested in producing the next generation of innovators.

Week I. 9/5/2018

Welcome to General Chemistry at Colby College.   We will use this web page to post class related notices and content.

Outline for 9/5/2018

  • Introductions
  • General class policies:  Syllabus, textbook, homework, exams, laboratory
  • Use of electronic resources
  • Strategies for doing well in chemistry
  • Chapter 1: Matter and Measurement

Lecture Slides:

CH141 – Summer Update – 2018