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Week II: 9/10/2018

News:  Laboratory starts this week.   Please use the laboratory link to read prelab materials.

Reading: Chapter II

Lecture Outline for Chapter II:

Atomic Theory
Atomic Structure
Atomic Weights
The Periodic Table
Molecules and Ions

King Lecture Resources: Chapter II Figures,  Atomic Force Microscopy,  big-bangNomenclature


Week I. 9/5/2018

Welcome to General Chemistry at Colby College.   We will use this web page to post class related notices and content.

Outline for 9/5/2018

  • Introductions
  • General class policies:  Syllabus, textbook, homework, exams, laboratory
  • Use of electronic resources
  • Strategies for doing well in chemistry
  • Chapter 1: Matter and Measurement

Lecture Slides:

CH141 – Summer Update – 2018