Parks & Reserves

AnimalsOnRoadSouth Africa is a country of wide ranging habitats, from coastal salt pans (sabhka) in the Western Cape Province, to the Cape Floristic Biome focused around Cape Town, to the succulents in the Karoo desert, and bushveld and savannah in Krueger National Park near the Mozambique border. It is estimated in this country which only encompasses 2% of Earth’s land surface that it contains almost 10% of the world’s total known bird, fish, and plant species, and over 6% of the world’s mammal and reptile species.  The country is vitally aware of the need to conserve their landscape, vegetation, and animal biodiversity, and the peoples of South Africa have embraced the concept of conservation.   To aid in this effort, an array of National (SANParks) and public Provincial Parks and Reserves, as well as Private Game Reserves exist over the country, and governmental organizations, such as the South African National Biodiversity Institute (Sanbi) have been established.   The links provided herein are but a few of the public and private parks we’ve been able to visit since 2002.