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Publications with Students

  • BOLD indicates Graduate Student co-author
  • BOLD ITALICS indicates Undergraduate Student co-author
    • Gastaldo, R.A., 1999, Debates on Autochthonous and Allochthonous Origin of Coal: Empirical Science versus the Diluvialists. in Manger, W.L., ed., The Evolution-Creation Controversy II: Perspectives on Science, Religion, and Geological Education, The Paleontological Society Papers, v. 5, p. 135-167.
    • Gastaldo, R.A., 1984, A Case Against Pelagochthony: The Untenability of Carboniferous Arborescent Lycopod-Dominated Floating Peat Mats: In Walker, K.R., (Ed.), The Evolution-Creation Controversy, Perspectives on Religion, Philosophy, Science and Education: A Handbook. Paleontological Society Special Publications, Knoxville, TN., v. 1, p. 97-116.