McNair to Hall, September 29, 1984

Letter from McNair to Hall, September 29, 1984, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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September 29, 1984

Dear Don,

Since I myself am not sure about the Perley
Hunt poem, please tell Joey not to send it at all.
I will return to it, maybe later on.

Joey is wierd [sic], but then that’s why we love him.

This Dartmouth job has been taking me away from
the poems I wanted to finish, but today I attempt
a return…. I look forward to your testimonial banquet.
I will be taking Eberhart to it. See you there!


A note from McNair about this letter:  The testimonial banquet is a celebration of Don as New Hampshire’s new poet laureate. Having met Richard Eberhart, the former poet laureate, at Dartmouth, I offered him a ride to the event…. In 1985, some months after my conversation in these excerpted letters, I returned to “Perley Hunt Walking,” retitling it, and writing it out as it needed to be, keeping Don’s earlier comments in mind.

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