Hall to McNair, September 27, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, September 27, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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27 September 1984

Wes McNair
Hominy Pot Rd.
North Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

I hope you don’t write too many prose poems. If I love
any one thing most about your work, it is the way you use your
lines! I love your ear…

This is OK. I still think that the end sounds a little
bit as if you wanted to glory-off into space, and that comma
after “walking” is awkward, but of course it would be ambiguous
as all get-out without the comma… I still don’t love it.

I think there is no point in trying The New Yorker with
this one, because they have never been known to print a prose
poem. May Joey have your permission to skip them with this one,
and just try the others? As for your assumptions on Joey’s
pattern… Joey is not going to tell you nothing! You might
be right. But then again you might not be. Maybe he gets them
all rejected from Poetry Now, even before he tries Peter Davison?
Weird fellow, that fellow.