McNair to Hall, November 14, 1984

Letter from McNair to Hall, November 14, 1984, Page 1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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November 14, 1984

Dear Don,

How silly of me not have said
where the dinner before your reading is
being held: The Gray House! We all
look forward to it!

I enclose a review from the VQR.
Do you know who reviews there? If
I knew, I’d be sure to pass by
his/her house late one night with
a dark little note tied to a rock.

What did I do to be so black
and blue?


PS – Since I don’t have a copy of
this, please send it back, though
I don’t know why I want it, come
to think of it – Lightness of ambition?

Undemanding? This guy is out for blood!