Hall to McNair, November 19, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, November 19, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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19 November 1984

Wes McNair
Hominy Pot Rd.
North Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

You will get worse than this! Cheer up. This is condescending
but it is not murderous. I hate this stupid little review…but
cheer up, it will get much worse. You will be reviewed by people
who want you to die very slowly, in public, while thousands of people
laugh… It is a wonderful feeling, this hatred and loathing from

So why did we go into this racket anyway? I cannot always tell
you. No, I have no idea who reviews there.

Did the University of Missouri send it to you? They shouldn’t
do it. But they almost always will. And if they don’t, there is
always some “friend” somewhere who will do It for you. Cheer up!
The worst is yet to come… When you get more famous. Something to
look forward to!

Jane said you did a marvelous reading. I look forward very much
to seeing you at the Gray House, six o’clock on the 3rd…

Best as ever,