McNair to Hall: May 18, 1978


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May 18, 1978

Dear Don-

It worked out the way you – and I – wanted it: Ohio Review rejected
“Beggars”. Therefore, I am sending it to you for possible publication in
Harvard Magazine.

American Studies work is filling up my days – and my nights –
as we near the end of our stay here. What with responsibilities as
lecturer, designer of new A.S. courses & programs for other universities,
A.S. conference planner and, last-but-not-least, teacher, I have
lately had no time to breathe, to say nothing of writing. In fact “not
to write” is so similar to “not to breathe” that I am quite down at
the moment. Fortunately, I will be able to get back to 2 poems in progress
that I have sorely missed this weekend.

Hopefully, the Parra translation will resume next week – Maybe
I’ll even get a chance to write you a letter for a change.

For the meantime, Saludos to you & to Jane,


A note from McNair about this letter: The two poems I refer to in this note are Hair on Television and The Bald Spot. The first draft of the former poem may be found in the letter I sent to Don on 9/19/1979. I completed The Bald Spot during my final days in Chile, showing it to Don on his return to New Hampshire.

Read The Bald Spot (published version)

See also a selection of McNair’s manuscript notes and drafts of “The Bald Spot.”