Hall to McNair: April 11, 1978


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11 April 1978

Wes McNair
5716 C.Colon
Santiago 10

Dear Wes,

When I wrote you last, I forgot that Jane had, up stairs in her
study, your last letter, with “Beggars.” I love it. So does Jane. Could
I possibly have it for Harvard Magazine? Maybe you have already sent
it out. Very nice poem.

Yes, I miss some of those old images I cut out from Stone Walls.
Maybe I will use them some place else sometime. It moved too slowly,
and had too much repetition in it, or at least too much of the same
sort of thing. Too much fact, too much detail. It may still have,
for that matter. But I cannot worry at it right now.

Jane’s book is being typeset now. And I had my page proofs
not long ago. We are marching along in step.

I’m delighted that you like the Frost chapter of Remembering Poets.
I hope you like the whole thing, when you get a look at it. I think
that the Ezra Pound part is the best, probably.

Best as ever,