McNair to Hall: March 31, 1982

Letter from McNair to Hall, March 31, 1982

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March 31, 1982

Dear Don,

I am sorry you do not care for the father poem
in its present state, but I remain grateful for
your honest review of my poems. I will put it away
for a while. It’s much too close for me to come
to terms with any of your comments at this point.

I enclose $3.50 for the HM publication (payment
was $35), and I thank you not only for seeing
that one through but for passing the “Small Towns”
poem on to Joey for Poetry. The hit there lifts
my spirits considerably!

I’m also sending you, as you see, two new
poems, which I hope you like. Please let me know
when you can what you think.

Best to you and Jane, and love,


A note from McNair about this letter: The two unnamed poems sent with this letter for Don’s appraisal are “The Longing of the Feet” and “My Brother Inside the Revolving Doors.” The “HM publication” refers to Harvard Magazine, in which McNair’s poem “The Thin Man” was published (March-April 1982 issue).