McNair to Hall: June 29, 1981


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June 29, 1981

Dear Don,

Thanks–belated thanks–for your very encouraging
letter about my book.

I have not written because fate has filled my life
once again with activities which prevent regular
correspondence. I am holding down the house while
Diane prepares to go under the knife one more time
at Mary Hitchcock. Now, she has a ruptured disc.
It looks as if she will be more-or-less OK
after the operation and the ensuing period of recuperation,
but the recuperation will take 3-4 months, and
much of that time, she will be flat on her back.
She probably won’t be finished with this thing until

Diane tells me that fate has also played a trick
on Jane. After the experience with my father-in-law
last fall, I can imagine how troublesome this period
is for her. Please wish her well for me.

I will try to keep you posted on Diane’s condition
after this new surgery. In the meantime, thanks
for your patience with such a rotten correspondent.
I think of you both often, however it may appear!



A note from McNair about this letter: Jane’s “troublesome period” refers to her bout with depression.