McNair to Hall: August 8, 1980


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August 8, 1980

Dear Don,

My response to your recent letter has been delayed because I’ve
been away for a couple of days. But it is good to have your advice
about E.V. Griffith and your comments about the fat poem.

I will be careful not to send Griffith anything unpublished,
and I will certainly revise the fat poem, keeping your suggestions
in mind as I do so. I’m still not sure what I will do about the
poem’s epigraph. You are certainly right about the ascription,
I’ve come to feel, and you may well be right about leaving the
whole business out. Later on, I will perhaps be able to see more
clearly what is needed.

In the meantime, the sending-out of the manuscript continues.
Viking and Random House responded positively to my preliminary letter,
the same one I sent Atlantic Monthly Press and others, and so I’ve
just sent copies of the book to them.

As always, I shall keep you informed about whatever may develop.
I hope your writing goes well, and that you are keeping cool in
spite of our heavy humidity which no rain seems to lighten.