Hall to McNair: November 7, 1980


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7 November 1980

Wes McNair
Box 43
North Sutton, NH

Dear Wes,

Good news from John Nims. I think that his
point about “tampons” is well taken – for
accidental reasons, as he says. It is the kind
of thing where you might be able to restore the
word in a year or two, but I would think that
another word might be equally acceptable. What
do you think?

I am keeping “The Fat Enter Heaven” here,
but will return it with the (revised?) “Hair
on Television” when I write him again.

Actually, he has a couple of other newer
ones now, which the New Yorker has (mistakenly)
let go. He did not know he had a couple newer
poems, when he wrote this note. So we will
hope that he may have more than two, to print
together, next time you come out in Poetry!

Best as ever,