Hall to McNair: November 17, 1980


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17 November 1980
Wesley McNair
Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

Yes, it is nice about Poetry isn’t it?
Terrific. …As you remember, Nims has not
yet accepted them! But he has largely promised
to accept them, so I expect to forward an
acceptance slip to you before long.

If you will not keep your stated intentions,
Joey will help you out. Joey will not send out
those poems for a few weeks, waiting for you
to make a change! The only one that I can see
is the a-typical syntax of the middle sentence
of “Where I live.” Syntactically and in its
punctuation if it were like the rest of the poem,
there would be a comma after “gas station,” and
probably the line-break would be different. I
am not sure that it is a bad thing. It certainly
does slow me down and make me go back and parses
the sentence… But it would take me a while
to figure it out for sure also. But I don’t
want to send it out and then get a new version
in the mail… So why don’t you look back at
it for a while? I will hold on.

Best as ever,


I like them both!