Hall to McNair: March 4, 1977


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4 March 1977

Wes McNair
Colby-Sawyer College
New London, N.H. 03257

Dear Wes,

I’m writing you back to the address on the stationery, because the
first part of it anyway is Colby-Sawyer business.

I’ll be delighted to read on April 11th. I think the 5th would have
been OK too, but if Carl prefers the 11th, let’s just make it the 11th.
Any and all class visitations will be just fine. also. [sic] Sometimes it seems
best to have class visitations after the lecture rather than before, so
that kids may have some questions to ask. I’d be happy to come up Tuesday
morning the 12th. (Tuesday afternoon I’ll be going up to Dartmouth to give
a lecture.) For that matter, I could come back on Wednesday if it were

The pay is excellent. Thank you for all this.

Two weeks from now sounds fine for dinner. My daughter will be with
us until the morning of March 16th, so maybe it will be better to have it
a St.Patrick’s Day dinner or shortly thereafter – which would be actually
two weeks from when you wrote the letter, I guess. But you will telephone
anyway. [Handwritten in margin: Actually not the 17th/ 18? 19?]

I look forward to hearing about Marietta. I’m delighted that it
went extraordinarily well. Delighted; I’m not surprised! I’ve been reading
the manuscript over, by the way – the new or retyped manuscript which you
sent me. And there’s no question: things hold up. Have you heard anything
from New Rivers?

Jane is going through the struggle of finishing a manuscript right now,
to send out to people. Publishers, that is. Lots of revisions going on
all over this house.

Best as ever, and many thanks,


A note from McNair about this letter: In the closing paragraph, the book manuscript Jane was assembling was From Room to Room, eventually published by Alice Janes Books. Don, in the meantime, was preparing the manuscript for Kicking the Leaves.