Hall to McNair: January 4, 1984

Letter from Hall to McNair, January 4, 1984, Colby College Special Collections

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January 4, 1984

The Atlantic Monthly

x Wesley McNair
Dear Amaryllis Inc.,

This letter describes our agreement concerning The Atlantic’s acceptance
of your work entitled The Last Time Shorty Towers Fetched The Cows.
(“the work”).

1. First Publication Rights. We understand that this is an original
work not previously published in the English language either in the United
States or Canada and that you have full rights to offer us this contribution.
You grant The Atlantic exclusive first publication rights in English in
those countries. This includes the right to reproduce and distribute the
work at any time as part of the issue or issues of The Atlantic magazine in
which the work first appears. It also includes subsequent microfilm or
microfiche sales.

2. Copyright. Under United States copyright law, you own copyright
in the work, subject to the rights you have granted to The Atlantic. The
Atlantic will include a copyright notice in its name on the issue or issues
of the magazine in which your work appears. However, if you, in addition,
would like to establish a public record of the copyright claim in your
name, you may file an application with the Copyright Office, Library of
Congress, Washington, D.C. 20559.

3. Reprints. The Atlantic will direct all requests for reprint
rights to you or to any other person you may designate. Although you are
not obligated to do so, The Atlantic would be grateful if the copyright
notice included in any reprint of your article read “ © (year) (your name),
as first published in The Atlantic.” If you or the person you designate
cannot be located, The Atlantic will grant permission for a reasonable
fee and will remit half the fee to you or the person you designate
if subsequently located.

4. Warranty. You warrant that publication of the work will not
subject The Atlantic to liability for copyright infringement.

Please sign this form in the space provided below and return the white
copy in the enclosed self-addressed envelope to:

Lawrence J. Murphy
The Atlantic Monthly Company
8 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116
so your payment of $100.00 for the article may be processed.

Very truly yours,
Wesley McNair
Author (Amaryllis Inc.) Lawrence J. Murphy
xxx-xx-xxxx Lawrence J. Murphy
Social Security Number Vice-President and General Manager

Editorial note about this poemAfter Peter Davison, poetry editor at The Atlantic Monthly, accepted “The Last Time Shorty Towers Fetched the Cows.” he suggested additional changes for the poem. The published version appears, together with an explaining letter, in the footnote for February 16, 1984.