McNair to Hall: February 16, 1984

Letter from McNair to Hall, February 16, 1984, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire

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February 16, 1984

Dear Don,

Just wanted to tell you I got a terrific call
from Peter Davison, who asked if he could make
a small change in the “Shorty Towers” poem
(from the numeral “5” to the word “five”).
After I said yes, he congratulated me for
the Devins Award, and then said he understood why
David Wagoner liked my poetry because he (Davison)
thought it was wonderful—said that he’d decided
to put this poem in the next issue, he liked it
so much, and that I’d likely get a lot of good
mail about it.

I just couldn’t resist bragging about this—
telling Diane wasn’t enough! By the way,
when does that poem you unretired come out in
the New Yorker? Any idea? I’d love to see it—
or maybe a copy if you have one!

Love to you & Jane,


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