Hall to McNair: February 19, 1980


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19 February 1980

Wes McNair
Box 43
N. Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

Could you send me a copy of “The Thin Man”? It has
not returned, and it is possible that it will not.

And for that matter, why don’t we go back to working
with Joey again. I am over my heat, and it is obvious
that this Bad Accident will never come near either one of
us again. Let us just start in. But when you send me
back the poems – for sending out – would you please tell
me again where they have been? That is, would you repeat
my information to you? I buried all the old records in
my correspondence box, which is now anonymous among rows
of boxes up in the Dark Hole upstairs. So I need to know
where they have been, and I would not necessarily remember.

I hope that by the time the two poems come out in
Poetry you will really be able to feel good about them.

Yes, the Caldecott was good news. So many great ideas,
when you are free-lance writing, fall apart and bring in no
mortgage-helpers. But then something like this happens, and
it is a little annuity for several years. Believe me, I did
not think of the writing only in terms of money! …but I guess
I think of the Caldecott mostly in terms of money!

Best, as ever,