Hall to McNair: April 2, 1980


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2 April 1980

Wes McNair
Box 43
N. Sutton, NH 03260

Dear Wes,

Thanks for the letter. Sorry I had not mentioned
receiving this. I love it, and it is with the New Yorker.
I did not show it to Jane before, so I took the opportunity
to show her this. As I knew she would, she enjoys adores it. I
think maybe you get better and better!

Sorry to be the one to have to tell you about Jim Wright’s
death. I guess there had been no news of it in the Globe
or any place. It will hit the poetry press in all the next
issues! There was a long obituary in the New York Times.

I am sorry that Fran is no longer able to consider
the manuscript at Harper & Row! I guess she had to send
it back, because she is going away for two months now, to
Europe and India, and she has not signed on with any new
house. And also, as she says, the scene in New York is absolutely

Did you not send a sample into Houghton Mifflin, and
Jon Galassi? You probably told me what happened, but I
cannot remember. Refresh me please. I have a tremendous
habit of forgetting things, which I like to think is somewhat-
deliberate, as a way of dealing with seventy-nine different
items in the course of every day that I live. It is probably
my excuse for incipient senility.

I do have some other notions about the book, but nothing
that I can be concrete about right now, and nothing to be
excited about. But I keep it in mind!

Best to you both as ever,