Day: April 1, 2020

Greater Washington Rabbis: STAY HOME. SAVE LIVES

Dear Greater Washington Jewish Community:

Unfortunately, there has been a significant rise in the number of COVID -19 cases in the Greater Washington Jewish community, and more generally in Maryland and East Coast metropolitan areas.

While we are all affected and unsettled by the current unprecedented challenge, we remain steadfast in our faith that Hashem will bring us all the strength to serve him properly even as we face this difficult time.… Read the rest

St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Albany, Ga.

My Dear Parishioners,

Lord, have mercy!  “The prayers seem not to be answered or God doesn’t seem to be listening!” someone wrote me.  Fear of the unknown, fear of contracting a possibly deadly disease or fear of becoming the one infected by showing no signs and then spreading it to others, causes our hearts to tremble and make statements like the one above. … Read the rest