Week 4: CH141 B Schedule

Which chemical reactions happen in our water sources like the the Belgrade Lakes? How does the fluoridation of drinking water protect tooth enamel? How do plants react when eaten by a caterpillar?   To answer these questions (and many more!) we first need to explore how chemistry happens in the aqueous phase!

This week we will learn about different types of reactions that can happen when molecules are dissolved in water.

Reminder: Our first exam will happen on Monday, Oct. 1st from 5pm -7pm. More information can be found here.  There will be an optional review session on Sunday, September 30 starting at 7:00 pm in Keyes 105.

Study Tip of the Week: Do you and your study group feel confused about a practice problem?  Bring the questions and your whole study group to office hours or email me to schedule a meeting time.  We can figure it out together!

Materials for class will be posted here throughout the week.

Monday Lecture Materials: Lecture Slides 9-24Class Notes 9-24

Wednesday Lecture Materials: Lecture Slides 9-26Class Notes 9-26

Friday Lecture Materials: Lecture Slides 9-28Class Notes 9-28

Week 4 Sat 9/22, Sun 9/23 Mon 9/24 Tue 9/25 Wed 9/26 Thu 9/27 Fri 9/28
In Class Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Learning Objs. Do quantative problem solving using the concepts of limiting reagents and molarity. Catergorize different aqueous reactions and relate catorigorization to chemical properties. Do quantitative problem solving using the concepts of molarity, titrations, and aqueous phase chemistry.
Topic Limiting Reagents Reactions in Aqueous Solution, Concentrations of Solutions Types of Reactions in Aqueous Solution Aqueous Solution Stoichiometry
Activities Limiting Reagent Experiment with acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate Precipitation Reactions
Outside of Class
Homework Work on HW #3 **Homework #3 is due at 11:59pm**
Reading 1st Read of Chap 4. 2nd Read of Chap 4. Focus on sections 4.1 and 4.5. 2nd Read of the rest of Chap 4.
Other Things to Remember Office Hours: 2:30-4:00 Keyes 314 Office Hours: 1:00-2:30 Keyes 314
Practice Problems 4.15, 4.61, 4.67 4.19, 4.23, 4.35, 4.39, 4.69, 4.49, 4.53, 4.79, 4.83, 4.100