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Alexa Huang

Alexa Huang is a senior double majoring in economics and music at Colby College. Alexa grew up in Beijing, China and is very passionate about music. She plays guitar, drums, and trumpet and enjoys a vast variety of music. She hopes to pursue a career in artist management and consulting after graduation.




Lauren Shirley

Lauren Shirley is a graduating senior at Colby College majoring in both Biology and Music. She eventually hopes to attend medical school and become a physician. Lauren was raised in a musical family plays the clarinet and piano and sings. She has enjoyed this opportunity to learn about a new musical tradition and meet Les Troubadours.

Fieldwork Reflection




Thomas Webel

Thomas Webel, a native of southern Maine, is a senior at Colby College majoring in Music. Thomas discovered a love for music at an early age. He has consistently participated in numerous choirs including The Boy Singers of Maine, Colby College’s Collegium, and The Colby Eight, Colby’s Oldest A Cappella group. Tommy aspires to one day teach music and share the joy of musical collaboration. Additionally, Tommy has expressed a desire to help spread and maintain Franco-American music and culture in Maine.

Fieldwork Reflection