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La Madelon

La Madelon is a popular song of World War I originally from France. The song tells a story about soldiers flirting with a sweet young waitress in a country beer joint. It was one of the most popular songs in France during World War I and became a patriotic song as the war wore on. It remains a patriotic, well-known song in France to this day. Aliette added ‘La Madelon’ into Les Troubadours’ regular repertoire, and the song soon became an audience favorite due to its catchy melody and interesting narrative.

Lyrics : La Madelon

French :

Quand Madelon
vient nous servir à boire
Sous la tonnelle
on frôle son jupon
Et chacun
lui raconte une histoire
Une histoire à sa façon

La Madelon
pour nous n’est pas sévère
Quand on lui prend
la taille ou le menton
Elle rit,
c’est tout le mal qu’elle sait faire
Madelon, Madelon, Madelon !

English :

When Madelon,
Comes to serve us a beer
Under the table,
We played with her skirt.
And everyone
Tells her a story
In his or her own way

Nothing is that serious
When we grab her
waist or her chin
She laughs,
Her laughter is all the harm that she can do!
Madelon, Madelon, Madelon!